Through our buying and selling adventures, we encountered a lack of tech tools tailored to Latinos and Hispanics.

No place felt like our casa because of limited language support and culture.

With a purchasing power of $1.9 trillion, the Hispanic community is the largest minority market in the United States.* Yet, we still don’t have enough resources focused on our cultural needs.

* According to the Hispanic Star statistics.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most trusted, safe technological solution for the Spanish language consumer to explore, buy, and sell provisions for their next adventure.

Our Values


Overcoming obstacles

We value overcoming cultural obstacles by creating safe technological tools to assist with exploration and connectivity.


Safeguarded experiences

We value quality experiences that safeguard the value of our consumer’s time, information, and resources.


Cultural vibrancy

We value the differences, authenticity and vibrancy of the our consumers, and are intentional about creating a Spanish language dominant marketplace.


Curiosity for adventure

We value curiosity and embracing the adventure life can bring while still measuring risk.

While Offeraki connects to our Hispanic and Latino heritage, our community is inclusive and welcoming, and we want you to feel at home when you’re here.

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